2014 and New Years Resolutions and all that ……..

Yep the new year is here.  The sun sets on one day and it rises on the next and so the new year is here.  Time for reflection perhaps on what the year has bought and what the new year might bring.  On facebook I see cute photo’s of the year that was.  People have expressed their year through photos and stories.  Its nice to see.  Its sharing and fun. This sharing and these photos cause me to ponder on the year that I have had.  The lessons I have learnt.  The thinking I have done to be at the point I am today.  Of where I’ve been this year spiritually and where I will travel to this year.  What learnings are there waiting for me to take on board as this new year begins.  You see there is always so much to learn.  Internally or externally.  Through experiences and journeys and people you may meet during these travels.  I have had a huge year of growth.  Of learning to trust my gut.  Of becoming self assured and grounded in the feelings I have when I meet someone new, or learn a new experience about myself.  It seems to me that we are all equal, non is better than the other, non knows more or is more experienced in living that the other.  Sure we may have areas that we have been exposed to that feel more comfortable to talk about, but internally it seems to me that we are all fragile one minute, strong the next.  Sensible one day and not so sure on another.  I have learnt this year that is it ok not to feel so good some days and to lean on those around me.  It isn’t a sign of weakness it is a sign of growth of self discovery.  It is a sign to me of learning about oneself and learning to feel happy and content with thoughts that bandy about in your mind.  Necessary thoughts that help you to become the person you are always going to be.  Life is a very colourful event, so long as we allow ourselves to indulge in the opportunities that come to us.  To learn new ways of thinking and to peel of the layers that we so carefully mould around us during our journey.  Live and breathe and experience, but give yourself the freedom to be yourself.  To think for yourself and not let others sway you into any kind of decision or thought.  Experience your life for you.  Thats the freedom we have, each of us.  On the days that you are sure footed and strong – rejoice and move forwards and soak up the experience for life is a tapestry that we each weave and form, and each one of us makes a different pattern, a different design to enhance the lives of others and for ourselves.  This year I am excited at what new things I will see and feel.  What new things I will accomplish but most of all, what I can share and do with others and those that are around me.  I have built good memories with my family and my children and I am excited to see what they will teach me as well.  What I can learn from their experiences and openness.  It sure is a great gift we have this one of life!  Live it and enjoy it and embrace the new things that come along your path.  They are necessary lessons of goodness and strength.  What will your life be like this year?