Another persepective

So a few weeks ago on a web site I follow,  up popped the photograph of the church that my parents were married in.  The photo kind of took me by surprise.  I guess because I have a photo of my parents standing right in the doorway of this church.  Gladly smiling, just married, that full look of love on their faces.  It’s never struck me before, as previously I just looked at the picture, and that was it.  Then however, on the face book page I follow, someone posted a distant view of the same doorway of the same church.  It blew me away.  Because you might ask?  Well the distant view incorporated the whole church.  The old buildings either side,  the history of the old cars and the small trees that would now be so tall –  the long stairway to the entrance right up to the actual place that my parents had been standing. I hadn’t ever thought before, beyond my parents faces, what they must’ve been looking at when the photo was taken.  What the atmosphere was like, who was there, what could they actually see.   It got me thinking that you can look at people squarely in the face, even chat with them, even live with them, but you don’t ever know what they are really looking at……….how they are feeling…what their view is of their day…..  Does that get you thinking?  It sure did me.