Are you moving your body?

If you don’t use it you lose it – that’s what they say and I believe them only too well.  From my posts you can see that I’ve been an avid cyclist for a few years.  Crazy rides. Long distance, In Europe and up the hills of our scarp.  It was fun but it was also difficult.  I’ve been plagued with sore hips and a sore back now for too long.  I hadn’t noticed how I’d begun to sit still because it hurt to move.  I did fall off my bike in Belgium and ended up breaking a few ribs and I’m sure I fractured my eye socket.  Such bruising and so painful.  That was nearly 2 years ago.  It has taken me a while to get back to it.  Back to moving.  I also had an injury in my neck.  I popped a disc at C7 – PAIN has a whole new meaning to me now.  I guess because of my health history, when something goes crooked in my body the Doctors rush to the Lymphoma Book.  It’s the first place they look. I am thankful, but it too 6 weeks to diagnose a disc issue in my neck.  I really felt like I was in a medieval castle in the torture chamber.  Man, it was bad.  Anyway, I succumbed to a cortisone injection and 2 weeks later, thankfully, the pain did go.  I can say my self confidence took a huge dive.  I felt like an old lady that was not ever going to get well. I felt so crooked and stiff and unable to move so well in the mornings.  True story. I am so empathetic to people in pain now.  At the moment I’m doing absolutely fantastic. I’ve been walking around 5 kilometers a day.  I have some sweet exercises to do from my Physio and I’ve started step ups every 2nd day.  The change so far has been massive.  I’ve been walking for I’d say 4 months and slowly increased my distance.  I joined a walking group and the first day that I walked I felt like I was running to keep up with the other women in the group.  To make matters worse I found out they were a tad older than me.

Movement is so important. I realize that now more than ever.  A physical therapist said to me “You can either practice to sit or you can practice to move”.  That statement in itself hit me like a sledge hammer.  I had been practicing to sit.  Without even realizing.  Pain can do that.  It was time for me to take care of me. So, I googled things to do to strengthen my feet, and my legs and my mindset had to improve along with it.  Ladies, we need to move.  We are designed to have nice wide feet and strength in our legs.  I’ve been following an Instagram page and the link is here.  I’ve also included some photos of things to do with feet.

I am always after a walking buddy so if your keen drop me an email  or hop not this face book group and lets keep our bodies and our minds healthy.