Bees bees bees…………..

This morning I was listening to a really interesting interview on our local radio 720 am. The host was intervewing a fellow about bees. The guy that was being interviewed had a long family history in bees. His father was a bee keeper his grand father an so on. 

So as I listened I became more inquisitive and little bit angry. It seems our Aussie bees are in trouble. It was made clear during the interview that our bees are the ONLY bees in the world that are disease free. I mean we are lucky to have our bees. The fellow was saying that the rest of the world has to spray their bees to keep them disease free. Here we are in the lucky lucky country, as I’m beginning to realise more as I delve into this fresh raw food way of living, to have the ONLY bees in the world that are not diseased. Which means our honey is the purest form on the earth. The PUREST form of honey on the earth. Stop and think about that. It means the other bees in the rest of the world are getting sick. So they have to be treated with a chemical to make them better. Well it has to be asked…. Why are the bees getting sick? Why do they carry disease in the first place. Is it because their food source and the soils that their food source is grown is so deficient in minerals and full of chemicals from over farming, that the bees are not getting the good food they need to keep them well? The guy was also saying that the imported honey has to be pasteurised, and as he rightly pointed out pasturized honey, as with anything that is pasturized is robbed of essential nutrients. Nutrients that our bodies need to keep well.


If you care to google Paul Chek you will read his articles on pasteurised milk. The same thing happens to pasturized and homogenized milk. All the goodness is pretty much taken out and destroyed so we are left with a produce that is hardley used by our bodies. The message is the best food is raw and natural – please keep our bees safe, and look after your body.