Taking some time today to journey along the path of who we are. As individuals, as parents, as siblings, as aunties and uncles, as work partners, each of us is on our own unique life path.  I have been a sister, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend, a carer, and a listener. I […]

Feet are amazing!

Who would have thought that feet were so important in our day-to-day lives.  As I write this blog, I am mindful of people that don’t have feet.  Like my daughter, she is a bilateral amputee and has had to learn to walk again without feet.  I guess I want to impart on you the love […]

Little Lives so previous…

When you become a parent you are given the most valuable gift that you can ever be given. Not that you may really notice that at the time, as you are so busy looking after your new child. You are tired from the late nights. Your patience may be thin on the ground. Sometimes ,it […]

My Dear Old Dad

It’s Thursday, and I’ve spent most of the day with my Dad. He is in a nursing home now, although we try not to mention the word in front of him. He scowls sometimes when we do. Life is pretty simple for my Daddy “O” as I’ve started calling him. It’s pretty sad I think, […]

Your a funny one …

Home we went the next morning. We had to wait till Monday to see Dr Crawford. All this waiting – not a patient person am I. Monday came along and we breezed in full of expectations – yes you have this, or no you’ve got that – Dr Crawford looked perplexed. “Your a funny one […]

Bone Marrow Biopsy

We rang Dr Crawfords rooms for our appointment, “Yes – come into the Mount Hospital tomorrow night, Wednesday – you’ll need to stay the night and Dr Crawford will do the procedure Thursday morning”. That’s that …. we are set ….. the journey has begun. Dr Crawford had also ordered extra bloods and another CT […]

The journey continues ….

It was Ben’s 21st family dinner that night at our favourite restaurant “The Bridge Cafe’” we had a great night. All the kids sitting with me, I felt really close to my little family. We got home and I went to sleep got up and drove myself to Subiaco. No way in hell expecting the […]

Still on the NHL Journey

We had a few days to fill in and it was our son Ben’s 21st Birthday. We took Ben sky diving that weekend. It was a fantastic relief and break from worry. We had breakfast on “Tims Thicket” beach, near Mandurah, like we used to every new year when the kids were young. Enjoyed a […]

Mind set, Living and Loving – finding the real you.

Mind Traveling Room Chattering Words … thoughts … emotions What do they think? What shall I say?  What do I do now? Does this dress look ok?  Is my hair the wrong colour? Are my teeth straight enough?  Am I too tall/too short? Does this sound like you? Do you have thoughts about what others […]