Taking some time today to journey along the path of who we are. As individuals, as parents, as siblings, as aunties and uncles, as work partners, each of us is on our own unique life path.  I have been a sister, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend, a carer, and a listener. I […]

Mind set, Living and Loving – finding the real you.

Mind Traveling Room Chattering Words … thoughts … emotions What do they think? What shall I say?  What do I do now? Does this dress look ok?  Is my hair the wrong colour? Are my teeth straight enough?  Am I too tall/too short? Does this sound like you? Do you have thoughts about what others […]

Mothers and Daughters – that special bond.

Is it unbreakable that Mother Daughter Bond?  Do you have that special bond in your life with your daughter. Is your relationship solid and unwavering? Or has there been some rocky time as well.  Is there someone in your life that you see as your Mother or your daughter?  Someone who has been there with […]

What are carbohydrates?

You may have heard about it in the press and many many documentaries explaining that Blood sugar levels are critical for optimal health. I’ve been watching mine now for over a year.   My blood sugar levels were creeping  up and I was finding it difficult to stop a muffin top slowly growing around my waist.    […]