Welcome to the world of protein! In this article, we’ll break down the basics of this essential macronutrient, why it’s crucial for your health, and how to make informed choices about your protein intake. What is Protein? Protein is like the body’s Lego set, consisting of 20 amino acid building blocks. Nine amino acids are […]


What is Pilates all about?  It seems to be the buzz word that seems to be everywhere now.  It seems every second person I talk to has some thing to do with Pilates. Pilates for me has ment. A few years ago, I had terrible back pain.  I was literally crawling from my bed to […]

Metabolic Madness

Metabolic Syndrome – why is this term causing us so much confusion ?  We really need to take this conditon seriously, the numbers for diabetes and obesity are on the rise. Yet its so simple to take steps in your own hands to make sure you are not    Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of […]

Type 2 Diabetes the Hidden Threats

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, then read this blog and let me explain how to understand how you can help yourself to improve your nutrition and become well. What is Type to Diabetes Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition. typically, it will present with higher blood glucose levels. […]

Still on the Lymphoma journey

We had a few days to fill in and it was Ben’s Birthday weekend so we took Ben sky diving that weekend. It was a fantastic relief and break from worry. We had breakfast on Tims Thicket beach, near Mandurah, like we used to every new year when they were young.  Enjoyed a great bar-be-que […]

Bone Marrow Biopsy

We rang Dr Crawfords rooms for our appointment, “Yes – come into the Mount Hospital tomorrow night, Wednesday, you’ll need to stay the night and Dr Crawford will do the procedure Thursday morning”. That’s that …. we are set the journey has begun. Dr Crawford had also ordered extra bloods and another CT scan as […]

Me the funny one.

Home we went the next morning. We had to wait till Monday to see Dr Crawford. All this waiting – not a patient person am I. Monday came along and we breezed in full of expectations – yes you have this, or no you’ve got that – Dr Crawford looked perplexed. “Your a funny one […]


Dr Archer had a space for me to have my spleen removed at the Mount Hospital on May 4th. It was all booked in. He was having a few weeks off beforehand so I had to wait I think the time frame was about a fortnight and in that fortnight was easter. On the Thursday […]

A Wonderful Ending……

The day of surgery loomed close. I read a lot and rested a lot, i threw out all my expensive skin care products that were full of chemicals I didn’t need, this spleen seemed to be getting larger and I was worried it was going to burst. If only I had known then what it […]

My Home

Recently we had our 50th birthday party at home. It was a really sensational night. We had 67 people up to our home for a meal and lots of drinks plus a few speeches. My gorgeous girls wrote a speech and presented it and of course, then we were challenged to a speech off. It […]