Coffee Chats……….

This growing old is a strange thing.  Now don’t mistake me I’m not talking about me – yet – I’m talking about my Dad.  He’s the old one – or the older one! He’s taken to calling me at strange hours of the night – asking me for a “Loaf” or something that he desperately needs. Last week he rang me and asked me to bring him pyjamas. So I went out and bought him some. I thought it was weird – as far as I can remember my Dad never wore Pyjamas to bed – he was a shorts man.  So I bought them anyhow.  My Dad is not a man of many words. I could sit with him for hours and he won’t say a word. Until today…….today he chatted.  He rang me this morning, and when I answered the phone he said “I would like your company today Lynda”  Now don’t get me wrong – Im not complaining, but I had to do a double take – My Dad asking me for Company? This man who says nothing ……Is not something I’m totally use to.  So I went and picked him up and took him his “loaf” and his biscuits and chips, and we went and had a coffee and a non paleo apple cake.  He loved it.  He loved just sitting and watching the world go by.  But he chatted.  He talked to me about his old motor bike and how he used to take my Mum off riding to “Rill” in England to see the beach.  Not to swim he said, as the beaches were just pebbles, but just to sit.  I made him laugh and asked him if he’d taken his mum on his bike – he broke into the hugest grin and said “No of course not she was too old Lynda!” the expression on his face made me giggle.  He was so sure of himself.  I havent seen him this alert for a while and I wondered whats bought about this change of chatting.  Maybe it was just for today.  So we sat and enjoyed a good talk and then I took him back to the nursing home.  Back at the Nursing Home the carer pulled me aside and asked me why my Dad was walking around carrying pyjamas still in the packet I’d bought them in?  When I asked him about them – he said “I dont know I’ve never seen them before” geezzzzzz – life is never boring around here!