Confused about Food? Its no wonder……

The story about Food at the moment can be confusing.  There is so much information in the media all the time.  As soon as there is a new fad diet or fad healthy super food, the media is flooded with it.  Don’t even think about being a first time Mum these days. The pressure on young mums is amazing. I can not believe some of the conversations I have heard, and the eye brow raising.  Kids are kids.  They should eat what you eat.  There shouldn’t be a special way of eating food.  Weaning from breast to food should be a simple process.  Mind you recently I have seen a lot of busy babies that seem incapable of sitting still.  Nevertheless, the process shouldn’t be made even more difficult by food and food choices. I’m sure that back in the day we weren’t treated special. Think World War 2  – where everyone would have been happy to eat whatever they could. That’s the experience my Parents had.

Sally Fallon is one of my all time Mentors. Her book Nourishing Traditions shows us that the approach to food should be simple. Sally says our natural state is one of balance and wholeness and vitality.  If we think of the food model that the 80’s delivered then we may be able to understand why we are ageing with chronic disease, with aching joints and memory problems.  The 80’s introduced us to low fat, high sugar, processed foods, its no wonder we all feel so unwell.

In my opinion there is so much debate to be had about what is real food.  The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA) is the Australian governing body concerned with food and food regulations.  When we have a Senior Orthopedic Surgeon in Tasmania investigated for two and a half years by APHRA who were trying to dismiss his evidence, highlighting the health benefits of Low Carbohydrate Health Fat principles, then its now wonder we are confused.  If a Senior Orthopedic Surgeon is trying to share his science and facing difficulties by APHRA – then it’s no wonder we all are.  Dr Fetke, has since been recognized and cleared of all of the charges by APHRA, but its been a long fight – I’ve been following his story.  You can read some of his story or all of it here.