Eyes to the Sole

I’m a people watcher I’ve decided.  I like to sit with and listen to people, and hear their story. As I sit and listen, I’m amazed at the life that people have led and I sit and think how people get themselves into some of the situations they do.  The worries, the family mix ups, the financial strain they somehow have around them is totally over whelming for me. I think, as people, maybe as the human race in general, we don’t stop and realise what a sensational life we truely have. What an organised life we have, even in the chaos of everyday living and working.  The skills that we learn along the road, the skills of “living” of budgeting of being conscious of our surroundings.  How do they get erroded away. Is the family base that people start with in a mess already? Or do they ignore the learning they receive from their family for what ever reason and try and struggle on their own? Mostly if you sit and talk to someone – look into their eyes, and really sit with


them, you can see that we are all fragile beings.  Looking to be accepted, and loved, and forgiven for hurts that we have caused, to be healed from hurts that we have received. To celebrate the joys and triumphs we have experienced.

Eyes will tell you a huge amount about peoples soles, about their true feelings.

Women dress them up and make them appear larger and more beautiful.  Underneath the


makeup and the liner though there is always a person wanting to be listened to.  When is the last time you sat and listened and looked? Try it – its amazing what you will learn.