Grand Parents and Babies!!

The news is out – Im a Grandparent, Im a Nanna Im a bear.  We are both grandparents, but Bernie is Snappa.  How excited are we?  I cant explain the absolute perfect love I feel for this little girl that has found our family.  As a family around her, we all feel so much closer for having her with us, and we are all totally mesmerised by any small feature that changes, or any smile that comes across her little sweet mouth.  Ahhh!! Its a true un-conditional love. Is there such a thing as true perfect love after all, for surely this is what I feel.  This little angel has no preconceptions of the world.  She is white, and clean and pure.  She has no understanding of people and emotions – yet she has us all so tightly wound around her it is unbelievable.  I’ve heard people say that when you are having a bad day, think of yourself again as a young school kid with your school bag on your back skipping along, with no misconceptions, no mis understandings, just pure jolly happiness.  Its a beautiful thing to feel, if you allow yourself to sit and ponder.  Pure freedom and joy.   This new little angel has all this.  She is already light, and free with no walls built around her, how beautifully simple is this life – that we all clammer to make busy and tough and judgemental. It seems without even trying……………….