Hit me with that Sugar Stick!

Sugar…… how much do we love the taste of sugar. Small white, cubes, shiny, and ever so tasty…… can you imagine life with out it? I’m pretty sure we are all feeling hammered to death about the nastiness of this particular substance. Its a shame because it tastes so damn fine!! I for one feel let down and very mislead about this little baby. Surely there are some things in life that we can have? Hmmmm…. well let me show you what I have learnt and then you’ll see that sugar is probably NOT one of the things we can have. That means each and every one of us.

How did sugar get into our diet in the first place – you may well be thinking. Hunter Gatherers only found sugar from berries and vegetables that they stumbled upon, on their good hunting days. Sugar for them was a luxury. Pure luxury. It came from bees – obviously collected from hives, at the hunters own peril, or berries and fruit. It didn’t come pre packaged in neat little boxes that they put in their pantry and it didn’t come disguised in food either. You can bet that since you were born sugar has been more than a little hinderance to your health. Babies are born with a natural sweet tooth.

Most of the experts seem to agree that we have lived for about 130,000 years. That means that our “new” diets that are rich in processed or unnatural foods, rich in sugar and grain, have existed for only about the last few hundred years. You can see by comparison our gut has had little to no time to evolve enough to cope with this “unnatural diet” that we seem to take for granted. It’s almost as if we are on an endless summer holiday, with the continual supply of sugar, carbohydrates, processed foods and drinks. Again it’s no wonder we are tired all the time. Our bodies are on hyper drive trying to digest this “energy source” and our bodies are very good at turning the extra energy from sugar into fats in our bloods streams, and so as a storage on our bodies.

Its time to have a hibernation from sugar. Do you know that sugar is as addictive as speed? You will know if you are addicted to sugar when you try not to eat it. It’s difficult. It takes time and time again of quitting. Some people can do this instantly and others it takes a little while. It’s taken me almost a year. Why is sugar so addictive? Why does it taste so good and is in almost everything that we eat. Well you see – Sugar – has a way of changing the function of your brain. It messes about with the Reward Centres and over stimulates them.

Your brain is supposed to regulate your food intake and stop us from gaining weight but it’s functions are hijacked by Sugar. Sugar causes us to store fat because of its high content of fructose. So it means you need to eat more sugar the next time – for your brain to register the reward – and the reward is a high feeling. An energetic feeling. I don’t know about you but if I haven’t eaten sugar for a while and then I have a chocolate or sugary sweet, I can feel the sugar rush. My heart actually races. It’s pretty unnerving when you start to feel this. I now actually don’t enjoy the taste of sugar. I guess because I know what its doing inside my body and the damage it causes.

So sugar is another of the white deaths – I like to call them, processed sugar and wheat and of course processed dairy. The manufacturers of packaged and unnatural foods actually put more sugar into their products, because they know the extra sugar sells more product. The extra sugar makes people actually buy more produce. Its a wicked circle that we are all living – without really knowing.

So after all this – sugar is not your friend. It looks so innocent and tastes so good, but it is ageing your body, it is affecting your heart health, it is changing your brain chemistry and altering your hormone production. Its a good idea to try and give it a miss. Its difficult and don’t be hard on yourself. Just remember sugar is yet another substance that your body doesn’t need too much of.

In love and warmth – Lynda