Hooray the chooks have arrived

Hooray the Chooks have arrived…….

A year ago we started the chook house, crazily I was searching UTube and found a fantastic chook house, that was awesome for chooks of course, and we looked around our property for “stuff” to make it with and then after a weekend of hammering and nailing Bernie and Tim finished it.

Here’s how it started. It was great! I loved it but I didn’t know I was to wait a year before it was finally installed. To be fair, I’m not complaining, everyone gets busy right? And we were probably waiting for the right chooks I know it! So it got installed and we waited………..

Look at these farmer lamas – Who exactly are they? Ben put his ten cents worth of muscle and grunt in as well, and the year passed. It was a big job in the end. Bigger than I’d imagined. We had to really fox proof it. Digging trenches around the perimeter and filling it with rocks – of which we found many many under the earth, and then burying the wire underneath the rocks, if the escavator wasn’t our best friend at this stage – I don’t know who was! Double wire, both large and small gauge all over the whole thing, and a roof. And do you know never have I seen a fox on my property until 2 weeks ago when I saw the skinniest, mangiest looking fox running across my paddock. I was gobsmacked, damn cheeky little thing he was! I’m sure he winked as he ran across the drive way. Ginger as ever, bent tail, not even a bit worried as I approached it to scare it. So I set the dogs on to it. Which caused a heap of fun for them. They came back after a while ready for a good dog hug, and well done dog treat. Haven’t seen that fox since, but I know he’s about. Thinking he is clever, we will see…..So I’ve researched chook food, trying to make sure these eggs have the best content of omega 3 and 9 and I’m to feed them kitchen refuge, scraps etc, – which up till now has been going to my poor old sheep, and she is going to be now missing out! As well I’ve got to sprout lupins, not wheat. They are going to be the happiest most well fed chooks that you have ever seen. Here is a photo of them when they arrived.

There are 5 of them one rhode island red, one light sussex, one rhode island red cross, one black australorpe and one commercial layer. The biggest one is the layer. (She isn’t in the photo by the way) She is going to lay in about a week apparently and the other smaller ones will be about 10 weeks. I don’t mind, it gives me time to feed them up so our eggs are full of goodness! Anyhow this morning it was a typical autumn morning. Crisp and damp and we had to go and teach these chookies how to get out of their home. They couldn’t manage the ladder run, which was pretty funny, and made us laugh ………. a great way to start a Sunday! Stay tuned for more stories on my chooks!