How important is your job?

Sounds kinda weird I know, but have you ever stopped to think about it?  Just how important is your job.  What does it do for you and for those around you.  Is it worth the hours you put in, or is it just because the moneys great?  Anyhow I’m asking you this question because recently I had a real golden moment when I was chatting with a woman I met in my Dads Nursing Home.  My Dad’s been in the nursing home almost 2 years now, and the staff there have gotten to love him and know him really well.  I think I’ve mentioned before that he has turned into this quiet respectful tiny old man.  Very different from the angry red head I grew up with.  Anyhow thats another story.  So lately Ive been able to say things to him like “Why were you so grumpy when we were growing up?”  He shakes his head and says “I don’t remember being grumpy”  Hmmm if only he knew, but I guess thats my baby to sort through.  So I was waiting outside of my dads room, ready to take him out for his weekly cuppa, when a lady appeared through some heavy doors, with a massive plastic trolley.  All tubs and wheels.  Wearing the staff Blue Uniform, she bustled in and smiled as if she knew me really well.  I stood up to chat to her “Sorry,” she said, “I guess you’ve noticed your Dads white shirt is missing?”  The look of apology on her face and total bewilderment about my Dads white Shirt. I hadn’t noticed the shirt missing, but I knew the one she was talking about. “Oh, that white thin transparent one?”  “Yes, Im so sorry but it shredded, it fell to bits and I had to throw it out.  It couldn’t be helped but I wanted to tell you to make sure you understood why it was missing.”  Once she had told me about the missing shirt, her face changed from an anxious worrying face, to one full of relief. “Its ok I know the one, it was probably due to be thrown out a few years ago, but he insisted on wearing it still.  I’m glad its gone”.  “Oh good,’ She said, “Only I really do try and make sure my clients have their own clothes, Ive been washing them here for 18 years, and it pains me when some one has something missing.” If you put that into perspective, there are 20 residents in my Dads side and twenty in the other, I mean I even have trouble matching up socks from the wash in my house!  At this point she was holding my hand and looking so deeply into my eyes, all full of concern about my Dad and his Shirt.  It struck me right there at that moment, that this job to this wonderful woman, was as important as the prime ministers job. She was so in love with her job, and her job has such a wonderful purpose to it, I couldn’t help but feel in awe of her contribution to my Dad’s life and those around him in the nursing home.  For without this wonderful woman, no one would have their correct clothing. The patients in my Dad’s side, don’t even know which is their own clothing, let alone anyone else’s!  I said to her “You’ve been here a long time doing such a wonderful job,”  “Its what I’ve been put here to do”  With that she smiled, bid her way and off she went.  I watched her bustle down the hall way, with her over sized trolley, smiling and chatting to her “clients” on the way. It made me stop and realise how wonderful this woman was.  Her patience, her friendliness, but mostly her total absorption in a job that is never ending and really probably never acknowledged properly, for the wonderful work she does.  What would we do without these amazingly unselfish people?