How the world turns…….

Seems the world changes before you know it.  Sure the sun comes up each day and sets each day and the chooks lay eggs most days, but the world changes ever so slightly, little by little to ease you into any change of mind you might have.  A few weeks ago I was fired up and ready to “race” on my bike.  Forgetting my Paul Chek learning of Dr Quiet, putting aside the knowledge that I have of not putting your body into stress, so it can heal.  Heal and nurture are the words I keep hearing.  So I’ve changed my mind about my upcoming “race”,  I’ve realised it just isn’t for me.   I’m enjoying spending time at home, pottering and working when I can.  I realise more than ever just lately, the journey I have been on.  How Non Hodgkins has changed my perspective, not only about being “sick” for a better word, but what I am to do with the rest of the time I have on this wonderful place we call home.  Am I going to listen to all that I have learnt, or am I going to push and stress and “hurt” myself in the mean time.  Life is ment to be lived and for me living is doing what makes me the happiest.  My family, my home, my garden, my clients and learning about how to keep me healthy and show others that are interested in what Health is, or what it feels like. Im sharing this because it’s so easy to get caught in the trap of rushing again, and I’ve let myself get caught, into rushing, and thinking too much, and taking life too seriously.  It’s time for me to settle again, and connect with my inner self.  I’ll let you know how I go.