If You could un-invent something – what would it be?

What would you un invent.  Its a curious thought……. there are many many things that spring to mind to me and my thoughts have gone crazy with possibilities- but what is the most important thing to me.  What inspires me the most to share.  Hmmmmm………is it trust? in that people trust each other too much in a cultural futuristic kind of a way  – is that invented or a product of our lives? Perhaps complacency and the lack of knowledge to questions and seek out things for ourselves.  to re think the face value of things and look at them differently for ourselves. Or is it families living apart – away from each other ?  Thats a huge topic in itself.    I’m going to choose SUGAR…..because I see it as a having had a HUGE impact in our world and in our lives and in the health of the planet that we live in.  SUGAR because it was a cheap ingredient that was added to food when we began to process the living daylights out of natural ingredients.  When tinned food was developed and marketed and filled with sugar.  You see the sugar in the tinned food made people want more.  So its been said the manufacturers simply put more sugar in their product to encourage us to buy it more.  Great marketing!  SUGAR is the most addictive additive in the world.  I feel it does us humans NO GOOD at all. There is no nutritional value in sugar.  The trouble is we love it.  We love the taste and the texture of food that is full of sugar.  We love how it feels in our mouths and on our taste buds.  According to Wikipedia the world produced 168 tonnes of sugar in 2011,  that is HUGE.  HUGE HUGE HUGE.  The trouble with sugar, in my opinion, is that it tends to make people HUGE.  People in the modern world can not burn off the excess energy that sugar provides.  Sugar, that innocent white powdery stuff has been linked to obesity, and diabetes, its also a culprit of cardiovascular disease, dementia, macular degeneration, and tooth decay. Sugar also causes your skin to age.  The natural process that’s known as glycation, in which the sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins to form harmful new molecules called advanced glycation end products (or, appropriately, AGEs for short). The more sugar you eat, the more AGEs you develop.  So the older you begin to look. The trouble is sugar is hidden in food that you don’t even suspect.  Bread has extra sugar – thats why it goes brown when it toasts, it cooks the sugar.  Milk has sugar.  If you look at just about everything that is packaged and preserved it is full of sugar.  If we didn’t have sugar, then what would we have.  I would suspect a much healthier world.  A world where people could think clearly and quickly.  A world where everyone wasn’t casually waiting for their next hit of sugar to get through the day.  In my opinion it is a chemical that we don’t need in the world today.  Thats what I would un invent.   What would you choose?