If you were given a plot of earth – what would you do with it?

I consider we are a pretty lucky lot with out plot of earth.  We have 5 acres on the suburban fringe of Perth.  The soil is heavy clay and it takes a lot of digging to make it friendly to any planting.  We have lived here for 15 years and we did plant an orchard all those years ago, but the friendly kangaroos loved to meander down and pretty much destroy our trees.  With all due respect to these friendly critters – they were here before us, and they used to lay and sun themselves where our house now stands.  I did feel at the time and still do, that we have taken their plot from them.  Anyway, we are here and loving it.  Now our orchard is flourishing with all thanks to our border collie Kalie – she is adorable and very very clever.  We both realised – the Bernstar and I – that after we had had Kali for a few seasons the fruit trees that had, to this point, looked absolutely dreadful, were starting to grow leaves and new branches.  Long shiny green branches with luscious leaves and lo and behold even a blossom or two!!  It was Kali that was keeping the roo’s out – but thats another story.  How much more pleased could we have been?   So in the past 2 years the “orchard” has grown to  produce some fruit.  We also have our “practise” vege patch. Its a practice because I was unsure what creatures roamed out paddocks at night and if anything would grow, before it got eaten.  I have to say we have Success!!  Its only a small plot that we are eager to expand.  Ive successfully grown, Kale, Tomatoes, Spinach and lettuce and beets.  Ive just planted out capsicum, more beets, cabbage (for my saur kraut creations) more tomatoes – as the ones we have planted have done so well, and zuchinni’s – which I’m going to use more and more as I venture into the RAW FOOD cooking arena.  They are worth their weight in gold.  I’ve joined some face book pages that show how to grow plants in Perth and tomorrow Im actually going to visit a fully self sustaining garden on half an acre. Ill probasbly write about that place tomorrow and fill you all with excitement so you can too start to build your self sustainable garden.  So it can be done.  Its a new life for me.  Its restful and contemplative and such a learning. I didn’t realise that the ground has “gut flora” just like our insides do. I didn’t realise the plants rely on this “dirt flora” to grow as strong as they can.  It is amazing.  I’ve even been able to give things away that have grown. Such a pride of mine – who has no green thumbs to this date.  As well did I mention we have chickens too?  They are just a delight to watch and connect me back to the earth.  I really am so glad we have them. As well they produce some fantastic eggs and they all have their own characters.  Life is great.  So with my plot of land that I have – i want to be self sufficient as best as I can be and be able to share some of my goodness with the rest of the world – for surely that is what we all need, goodness, love, nutrition and fun.  

Just on a side note I have to give all thanks to the Bernstar for his never ending work and go do attitude to most of my suggestions.