Its early morning…..

I can see the light as it starts to fill my bedroom.  The sun is just kissing the hill and spreading its warmth and light onto the side of the hill where I live.  I am still dreaming but I can hear the small birds out side of my window chattering and looking for grubs and worms that have come out to meet the sun.  I can hear my dogs moving on the verandah as they wake and stretch.  The wind is blowing through the trees and the grass moves and rustles in the gentle breeze.  The day has begun.  The kookaburras are calling hello to the morning and the little birds still fitch and chatter to each other.  Its a beautiful way to wake.  To know that once again the world has completed a full circle and life continues. Sitting on my verandah is the finest way to start the morning.  To greet the sun full on and feel the warmth on my skin.  Ahh life is good.