Life as we know it

I’ve had a few things on my mind lately,  the cholesterol bad LDL story, the gluten one, the organic food one.  We get told so many things.  Now more than ever I am conscious that some of the information we have been given is driven by money, naivety, and confusion.  Confusion is another bain of my life which I’ll cover in tomorrows blog.  I have gained a heap of knowledge ,  that leads me to wonder about so many things that we take for granted, are they just a huge marketing ploy to brain wash us and take our money and more importantly our time.  Do you feel pushed for time?  I mean are you reading this blog now, or are you thinking about other things, playing with a pen, watching your phone for a message, listening to a song in the background?  Maybe, you do have little children at your feet.  How many times in your day do you really stop and listen – listen to your body and feel the nature that surrounds you?  Are you always rushing, without realising, taking small sharp breaths and not considering the environment you are in.  At any exact moment of your day.  Can you stop right now and gaze out of a window or close your eyes and appreciate you? Appreciate your gift of you?  Tomorrow I will cover the cholesterol and saturated fats news for everyone