Luck and Life

I am a lucky person. I’d like to share how lucky I feel. You see I’ve done a lot of sole searching over the past 2 years. Its taken a while and its very slow going on my behalf, but I get a cute little buzz inside because I know there is more learning to come. Have you ever done any sole searching? Have you ever felt the need to? I suppose I started because I wanted to know why I was lucky enough to have this Lymphoma diagnosis in the first place.


Lucky I say……well thats the first time Ive actually said those words out loud. I have read during the past few years, of other survivors feeling lucky, and puzzled over that statement or that thought. Now I understand. Well I understand in the right way for me to understand. I’ve come to realise that everyone actually does see the world differently to me, and some of you might think why did it take you so long to work that out? Well …. because it did. My idea that everyone thought the same was a myth that somehow I found myself working through. So I have and I’m happy with the results because its exciting. Ive always enjoyed chatting to people but I find it even more exciting now to talk to people and listen to how they choose to express themselves, because we are after all, individuals. Im actually quite marvelled with how others process thoughts and I do smile hugely inside, while I watch their faces and wait for their response to any kind of conversation that I might be having with them. Its enlightening and its enriching to me. There is a whole new world out there when you look at it through some one else’s eyes.  Try it for yourself and take the time when you are in conversation to listen with your eyes and understand your friends point of view, I can promise you will learn something new about yourself as I have done.  As well as something sensational about your friend.   Lucky in this life is what I am – what about you?