Me and my Doula Work

Yep I missed the birth again. Well it couldn’t be helped my Mum was 1 week “over” and I had a course that I had pre booked in Queensland so I missed out on the birth. I didn’t really miss out on the coaching you know. Its a funny thing this Doula-ing and me. I absolutely love the challenge of coaching someone through their birth. It is so very satisfying to see a woman reach her potential and deliver her child naturally and wholesomely. It almost goes before all that young mums are taught during pregnancy these days. I can say that looking back on all that I’ve learnt I’m pretty pleased with myself. For a couple of reasons. I get to wondering sometimes why certain things pop up in your arena. I mean why did I decide to go and learn about doula work any way. Its not like I don’t have enough to do with my family of 4. When I think about this question the main answer that pops into my head would have to be that I needed to give something back. Having had 4 babies of my own, and feeling that I’d accomplish great things with my kids, then it was time to give back. When I was a young Mum I didn’t have a whole heap of support around me. It was learn quick and learn fast. Which I did. However, my phone was always running red hot with a permanent link to Nursing Mothers. Im not sure that that service is still around, but those girls saved my sole and that of my child at the time. The child health nurse at the end of my street, was my new best friend, and I stayed well away from Doctors. I guess as a new Mum I kind of got this crazy Idea and very head strong idea that I knew all that I needed to mother and raise my kids. Perhaps that gut feeling was correct because they have all turned out to be strong, sensible, centred kids. Im really proud of that. Needless to say there is a Dad involved here as well. Bernie and I grew up together and we learnt how to raise our family, making the myriad of mistakes that others have made and some.

The second point that comes into my mind is that I can show my own girls and any other young women that there can be a different way. That there can be some control and a good happy outcome. That there needs to be education and learning so Mums can make the decision that is right for them and their babies. Be it natural or elective C section or C section, then so long as the Mum has the right tools to play with and the correct knowledge that she needs, then the birthing will be a memory that they can hold dear to their hearts as they watch their children grow. Thats why I like my Doula work