Peri Menopause. Menopause Post Menopause - what does it all mean?

Menopause is more than the end of menstruation; its a profound change impacting your overall health. Lets delve in so you can begin to understand the marvels of how your body works and how this makes you feel.

If you’re like me, and most women, all of our lives we have been looking after someone or something, we have been focusing on our jobs and our career and trying to make ends meet and then in the middle we find ourselves, running out of energy, feeling puffy, thinking way too much and burning ourselves out.

Focusing on nutrition, mindset and self-care is a priority for women at this time of their lives.

I’ve always pondered the connection between menopause and the middle of life weight gain that women seem destined to have. We know that Insulin Resistance is tied to the drop in Estrogen levels which would explain to the increase in our body fat percentage.  All is not lost. In the food guidelines there is no requirement for carbohydrates after the age of 12 months – you can read this here

We simply do not need them, so it makes the choice easier when your thinking about what nutrients to eat when your wanting to feel your best.  Protein, Fat, Vegetables and fruit like berries.

Berries are so good because they are low in sugar.  They feel like a treat and are even better topped with a little cream or low carb icecream.

Holding onto and improving your muscle strength is necessary to 

Our muscles hold our mitochondria.  Another blog for another time, but mitochondria are important to starve off Insulin Resistance.  Insulin Resistance is why we get a little thicker around the waistline and our thighs can begin to take on a life of their own! 

So, as we get a little more wisdom and we grow a little wiser it’s time to take time for ourselves and make sure we are eating correctly, using our muscles and feeding our bodies to fuel our brains throughout the day.