Mind set, Living and Loving – finding the real you.

Mind Traveling

Room Chattering

Words … thoughts … emotions

What do they think? What shall I say?  What do I do now?

Does this dress look ok?  Is my hair the wrong colour?

Are my teeth straight enough?  Am I too tall/too short?

Does this sound like you? Do you have thoughts about what others “might think?”

“What if they really knew me?”

“If they knew what I was thinking they wouldn’t talk to me would they?”

I have had these thoughts, I still do from time to time, but my mind chatter is better. Its clearer.  I can see the light between the trees now.  I can breathe instead of panic. Let me help you feel this freedom.  This release of judgement.  This fresh air in your mind.  It is a hands reach away.  The real story is that most people are busy having the exact same thoughts as you.  That’s how we are wired.  Let me show you a new way to think.  The relief is huge.  Its just huge.