Mothering Loving – what are the rules

Me and my sister Deb

Its something new to be a Mum. In the early days when your child is tiny and you can hold them and feel their skin. You can feel the process of birth still within your body. The journey that makes you complete as a woman as a mother. The journey that fills you with knowledge of yourself. The knowledge that shows you how you are made and how you can complete that journey and enjoy it. You can nourish your child to your breast and to your heart. You can understand the way their hair grows – this way or that – and you can give them all the love and support you can. You are young then, not young in body, but young in mother love. Young in the way that mothers love. Its a learning. Its a knowledge that comes from within. No one can show you. Now one can tell you. It isn’t written down. It is. Its takes wrong times and good times and times of joy and happiness with your child to let this mother love grow and develop. Its an inert nature. Its part of who you are – of who you will become. It has its seasons. Of Spring and Summer and Autumn and Winter. But it always is. The mother love becomes your special time with your child. It encourages you to protect and provide and to feel that ache in your heart when your child is near. It is something I feel even stronger now. It is the same for every child of mine. It is something that I cant explain, but it is there. No one can share that. I don’t even think your child understands the depth of love and connection that you hold with them. It is warmth and knowledge and trust. Trust. Trust. That is what it is. It is strong and colourful. It is magnetic and powerful. It is true and pure. It is exciting it is Mother Love.