Mothers and Daughters – that special bond.

Is it unbreakable that Mother Daughter Bond?  Do you have that special bond in your life with your daughter. Is your relationship solid and unwavering? Or has there been some rocky time as well.  Is there someone in your life that you see as your Mother or your daughter?  Someone who has been there with you fulfilling that role?  We all have such different experiences but ….. Mothering – what a huge word.    What does it bring to mind? Words and emotions such as, being there, pride, selfishness, vulnerability, protector, caring, sacrifice, compassion. Those who are Mothers have all been there in the night to cuddle and soothe a  baby.  Crying endlessly and being the support and strength that your child needs in times of stress and rejoicing with them when all is going well and exceeding their expectations.  Then your child grows and that never ending bond of Mothers and Daughters might wane for a little bit but it comes back.  Fully and completely when it is needed. How do you nurture your relationship with a significant female in your life?  Someone you identify as Mother or Daughter. I know that as I have grown and my girls have grown, the relationship changed in their youth.  That’s when the ground is still rough and the wanting to become independent and womanly develops. When the Mother allows her self to recognizes independence and strength, and begin to let go.  What a challenge!  Letting go and trusting – what a huge concept to work with and understand.  Allowing that important aspect of your daughter to come to fruition can be a struggle for most Mums.  When is the right time to let go and how do you know to trust that your girl will make the right choices.  It’s never easy. It takes courage, it takes patience, it takes a recognition of of your own fear and grief as you watch your daughter become the woman you have instilled in her to be.  What a gift!  What a true gift that Mothers have.  We just do not comprehend the enormous task we take on when we become Mums. No one has the perfect book to let us know about the bond that Mothers and Daughters have.  Take the time to recognize your true gift to the other significant female in your life. Especially in this month of September as we recognize women’s health but as a world movement as we learn to nourish and nurture each other without judgement or holding onto expectations. Just let the world be and remember that bond never breaks it is there always, sometimes it is hiding and you might feel it has been lost, but then it resurfaces and you realize your job as a Mum is a role that exceeds any expectations or experiences that  you may have.