My Dear old Daddy Oh!

We have just got back from the USA, what a trip!  I’ll pop a blog on about this soon.  For now I want to talk about my Dad.  We went to the US to celebrate my Sons wedding.  Our 2nd boy Tim has married his beautiful bride Ashley in Pennsylvania USA.  The wedding was just so special and I enjoyed each and every moment.  Unbeknown to us my Dear Old Dad was Admitted to hospital on the wedding day.  The Nursing Home wasn’t able to tell me for a week.  Which really frustrated me, as I had left numerous phone numbers and email addresses for them to reach me.  However, it happened and there is nothing I can do about that.  We were at the top of Niagra Falls when I got a phone call from the Nursing Home.  The call was to advise me that my Dad had been in hospital for a week and wasn’t getting better. It was July 18th, I was annoyed, I was upset, i felt let down that all the precautions I had taken for them to reach me hadn’t worked.   So the time difference is 12 hours for the east coast of USA and us here.  The hospital rang me the next morning.  The Doctor advised me that my Dad was unwell but he was stable and I didn’t need to worry.  I let my Aunty know as soon as I could and my sister and Sharon.  They all went to see my Dad. I had different ideas from them as to the well being of my Dad.  Mostly it was he looks fine.  Don’t worry – but then there was he’s not well you need to think about a funeral director.  Devastating to hear. The Doctor rang me again to say my Dad was being moved back to the normal ward and he was doing well.  That was Sunday 20th July.    So we decided on that to continue our holiday.  The Doctor advised me to enjoy myself and not to rush.  My Son & Daughter were leaving Montreal that day anyway and i thought they would visit him when they got home.  The emotions I was feeling was nothing short of amazing.  Your body twists and turns inside like a coiled rope but I tried to enjoy myself.  I just couldn’t relax.    Anyhow the next phone call I got 24 hours later was to advise me that my dad had taken a turn for the worse and he wasn’t going to make it through the night.  So he left us on the 23rd July at 7.20 pm.  That was the morning for me.  7.20 am on the 23rd, Tuesday the 23rd.  I had not been able to sleep all night and all I could think of was my Dad.  I had a Beautiful – well beautiful is not a strong enough word – vision of my Mum & Dad at 7.20 am on the 23rd. I could see my Mums feet running along in tiny white peep toe heels and the hem of her mid calf length wedding dress dancing along with her steps.  I could hear and almost feel their laughter and joy and my body was filled with immense warmth and comfort.  I keep describing it as a Perfect Joy.  I knew at that moment my dad had passed….and so he had.  The Nurse on duty called me an hour later to tell me my Dad had passed at exactly the time I looked at my clock 7.20 pm.  Amazing. I have spoken to a few people about this and one of my friends said “Lynda your Dad came to tell you he was ok because he knew you were feeling sad and left out”  Just put my mind at peace and Ive read the most amazing book Proof of Heaven by Even Alexander MD. – you can buy it here as an EBook.  Its fantastic.   Do yourself a favour and have a read.  It will really help you when you have a close family member dyeing.  Anyhow we had the funeral yesterday and I’d like to share a poem that I’m sure my Dad helped me write.

Hurry Not in the life that you have been given

Cherish and yield to the learnings that come your way

Take every chord of learning and wind it into a strong bod

A bond that strengthens your sole

A bond that builds relationships with those close to you

Live in light and happiness

For Love builds Love

and Life builds Life

There is no right or wrong – there just is

surround yourselves with good wholesome thoughts

for life ends too quickly

time slips away

and family will cherish the memories you have left them

like a whisper on the wind

as you leave this place

and become immersed in the true love that awaits you

Rest in Peace my Daddy Oh! We will miss you xx