My dog Rosie ……..

Rosie is a border collie.  She came to live with us in 1997.  You know how it is, you move into the house of your dreams, and your kids are all happy and you decide to get a dog to make the family complete.  I don’t know why having 4 kids under the age of 7 wasn’t enough for me.  I mean I don’t remember the decade’s 1987 – 2007 at all really.  Too busy racing around the countryside with a car load of offspring.  Always with me.  Always talking to me and asking me millions of different questions.  Tiring yet so much fun at the same time.  I would do it all again in a heartbeat.   So……off I went and we bought “Rosie” home.  We found her at a breeder in Southern River – not so far from our home.  Tiny little thing she was, sitting in the middle of our floor.  Waiting for the kids to come home so they could greet her.  We had never had a dog.  It was a new thing.  I mean I’d had them as a girl but they weren’t mine.  They were always someone elses’ responsibility. I just got to play with them and take them for walks.  Now it was all new.  Crying puppies at night.  Working out what to feed them when to bath them, how to train them not to piddle on my floors.  It seemed to be ok.  I mean she is still with us so it cant have been too bad.  I remember the Hubbie getting slightly – well a bit more than slightly – jealous of our dog, he thought I spent too much time with her.  It caused a bit of a commotion until we got it sorted.  You just have to love a new puppy so much to make them feel settled.  After all they have lost all that they know haven’t they.  Their mummy their siblings, their warm snuggly places that they are use to.  She came everywhere with us.  She was the friend dog face at the BMX tracks for years as our sons competed.  (Really it was my plan to get them to burn off all their testosterone at the weekly BMX meets) It didn’t really work though. It got me full of a competitive streak I didn’t know that I had!  I think I was on a testosterone hit myself!  Boy babies are absolutely brimming full of energy.  Mine were.  They didn’t stop.  I had the sons that climbed trees at 3 years of age, while my friends watched on in horror, as their girl babies played quietly and cut out things carefully.  They ran me ragged and still sometimes do.  If i let them.  Even though they are grown men now.   The story hasn’t changed that much.  So….. Back to Rose.  Of course she is now almost 16 years old.  Which is pretty old for a Border Collie.  She has lived a different life to my other two doggies. Yes I have three of them now.  Rosie, Kalli and Bill.  In that order.  The other two have been farm dogs – living outside.  If I bring them inside they kind of don’t know what to do.  They act weird.  Which is ok as I don’t really like them inside. They are too hairy and have too many grass seeds in their coats.  Besides they are more comfortable in the fresh air.  Why do I have three?  Well I didn’t really expect Rose to keep going for as long as she had and I couldn’t bare the thought of loosing her so we chose Kalli to join us.  4 years ago.   Then we fell in love with Billi so now we have Bill the Steam Shovel living with us to.  Rose continues on.  She is the oldest dog in the world.  Her tail is crooked,  she has some skin issues on her back so we now affectionately tell her she has an old ladies bald patch.  Im sure she creaks as she moves, but she is happy.  She’s the kind of dog that just is.  We think she is deaf and now possibly getting blind, because she walked straight into the verandah post the other day.  The post has been there a long time.  Rose seems to just show where ever you might be on the property.  The other two don’t really give a hoot, but Rose will always be by your feet.  If you want her there or not.  She has an uncanny way of just showing up – when you leave a door open, and sneaking in to see what she can eat.  She is only after food.  I mean we do feed her heaps so she isn’t hungry.  Its just a habit she loves.


  I used to let her sit in the kitchen as I made the kids lunches, and feed her little bits of ham and cheese, and she remembers this, so now she wanders in through any open door and pops herself down waiting expectantly to see what morsel she might be offered.  She is adorable.  But she is old and I know her days are sadly passing by.  I will be broken when she decides to leave us.  She has been with us for so very long.  I’ve popped in a few photos of her here.  Those of you with older doggies will understand how I feel about Rosie.