My Home

Recently we had our 50th birthday party at home. It was a really sensational night. We had 67 people up to our home for a meal and lots of drinks plus a few speeches. My gorgeous girls wrote a speech and presented it and of course, then we were challenged to a speech off. It was fun. My eldest son had built for us the absolute best Alfreso area. It really is stunning. He worked so hard for the 4 weeks leading up to the party. I can’t express how really proud I am of his achievements. He goes around his work in a no fuss lets get this done attitude. Then he just does it – he builds and hammers and there we had it – a great flat area to entertain.

You see I figure our families only going to get bigger. With 4 children of our own and now partners to add into the mix and of course there is already talk of a baby on the horizon. Leana has just finished her degree and the next step – in her very organised life – is a baby apparently. Thats another blog waiting. I don’t know where she gets her organisational skills from but I can say Im pretty pleased she has them. She organises me and and almost brings an army along when we plan to do anything, and she does what she does. It must run in this little family of mine. Maybe its in the genes. The gene mix, because I sure don’t have it. Maybe its come from their Dad. He’s the super organised one. Most of the time. Anyhow we had the party, it rained of course, and we had lots of food and fun. I caught up with some very special people I hadn’t seen in a long time and some family, all helping to celebrate, and of course a few of our cycling buddies. I can say that I felt really really spoilt.

I did not imagine at all how much work and effort my kids would put into the night. We had a Flappers and Gangsters night, and Leana designed the invites. They were great, i mean really great! Everyone loved them. I was really pleased that EVERYONE made the effort to dress up. On the invite was a password. Little did I know, but the kids had a plan, they built a door into our verandah that everyone had to knock on and say the password so they could enter the party. Then as they entered they were surprised and cajoled into the party mood by my kids.

Tim had painted an awesome backdrop and just as everyone was being surprised they were snapped – happy family snaps. They photos turned out so great and I think it was because everyone was in such a happy surprised mood. The photos are just sensational. The night went really smoothly everyone was fed, and we had people turning up at all times of the night so It was one surprise after another. One thing I didn’t expect were presents, I was totally breathless in the morning when I woke up to look at the “booty” on the kitchen table. Chocolates, flowers, champagne, perfume, glasses, gift vouchers from my gorgeous nieces and some of our close friends, oooo la la – sensational. I really felt the love and happiness of everyone that had been to celebrate with us. My birthday was a real milestone for me.

I guess I’m writing this, because a few weeks later we had a couple up for tea. My French teacher Jeanne Marie and her Husband. I love listening to her talk she is so gorgeous, anyway the poor things are on the search for a rental in Fremantle and the trouble they are having, bought me back to basics. They were totally in awe of our home, they couldn’t believe we live here. I felt so humble, and I guess the point is that we take for granted what we have. We really do. We are so busy all the time rushing here and there, we don’t stop to think of our life’s achievements and what we have. We are always striving for the next thing. I wonder when we feel content with what we have, with who we are, is there a point in your life when everything feels settled or is it human nature to keep on trying to reach the next level. I wonder…………what do you think?