New York City – 2013

Now I’m not a fan of flying.  I’ve decided that for sure.  It is a long way to the USA from Perth Western Australia.  Next time I go it will have to be a leisurely split journey.  We touched down in Los Angeles or LAX.  The customs system in the US is pretty swift.  There isn’t much hanging about.  Although I wasn’t expecting the eye scan and finger printing.   Guess its a sign of the times.  I wasn’t expecting the airport either.  Glamour ? no ….. Newness? no…….. Airport? yes…… not sure what I was expecting to see.  I went to the USA with a feeling of excitement to see all the latest things and the newest ideas and the airports hmmmm well yeah enough said.  We had to wait in LAX for a couple of hours and then we flew straight to JFK. Where Elle would meet us.  She had been in San Fran for the past week.  We sat in the exact same seats that we had been in for the last 14 hours.  Sleep doesn’t happen to me on planes.  We landed in at JFK at 5pm.  It was hot and again the airport was disappointing.  I mean c’mon isn’t this the country of stars?  So we found our bags in a room that felt like we were in the basement and made our way out to be met by Elle – hooray she was safe and we were too.  We had an apartment in NY that was pretty cool.  It fitted us all in – all meaning 6 of us.  We each had some kind of space in there.  We had 4 days in NY City so it was time to get unpacked refreshed and off out the door.  We walked and walked.  The Bernstar had a pedometer competition that he had joined just before we left so we were willing participants to get the miles in.  One day we walked 26 miles.  It’s not hard to do in a large city.  I don’t like large cities.  I don’t enjoy the smells and hustle and the people and the noise.  I don’t enjoy the traffic and the briskness and business of the life there.  We hired bikes when our feet got sore.  

New York 1

These bikes were pretty good.  We did a few miles in them.  However the machines let us down.  which was a bit annoying as we were trying to be environmentally aware – Leana was taking care of that.  You can’t see her belly much in these photos but there is a bubba in there.

We walked and walked in Central Park which was pretty awesome.  So huge and so green and so pretty.  I really liked this place.  It was calm and not so full of people wondering.  I guess we were lucky as it was the 4th of July long weekend so a lot of people had apparently “left” the city.  I can only say a huge thank Goodness.  We walked along Park Avenue and Times Square.  Times square is busy and there is a lot going on.  I felt like a fish out of water. Everything was too fast for me. We walked to Grand Central Station and it was easy to remember the moveis that had been filmed there.  It was crazy to think we were standing right smack bang in the middle of it.  We went to the Rockerfella Building and had a coffee in the underground.  Pretty good coffee it was too.

We had the Hens night in New York City and the apartment we were invited to was just across the way from Ground Zero – another amazing moment of our holiday.  I can remember the streets on the news when this event actually happened and now here we were right near them.  If I had been in this apartment on the day of this occurence I would’ve been covered in dust and I would’ve seen the planes fly across the window. Surreal Absolutely


New York 2

This was an old railway line that the New Yorkers have turned in to a garden amongst the concrete.  It was a real delight to see.  It was cool and shady and the plants just grew along the path happily.  There was water and nice cool spots to sit.  It was warm on this day around 33 I think from memory so we were happy to be in a cooler place.  We saw the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoyed the street dancers, but soon enough we had to head to Pennsylvania for the wedding…………that was a morning.  Packing up and making sure everyone was meeting at the same place.  Its hard to organise 8 people.  Tim wanted to show us a camera shop that is owned and run by the jewish community.  It was pretty schmick.  The guys all had those crazy side burns.  I loved them.  Curly long sideburns.  They were very friendly people and we spent a good deal of time in that shop.  While we were in that shop Ben sidled up to me and said “Mum, Ive left my passport in the microwave in the apartment” Silence.  That was all I could muster.  “What did you say? Did you just tell me you’ve left your passport in the microwave in the apartment that we no longer have a key for?”  “Yes I thought it would be safe”.  “Didnt you think to tell anyone of this fantastic idea?”  OH man the first of many.  Quickly get back there I said and try and get the maids to let you in and come back here.  We will wait for you here.  Off he went and yep he got it.  A big huge smile on his face and then we all hopped into the black hummer and began our journey to Pennsylvania for the wedding.