Niagra Falls 2013

Niagra falls is beautiful.  If you do go there make sure you stay on the Canadian Side.  We couldnt quite believe the water here.  There was more water in Niagra falls than I’ve ever seen.  It was just huge.  We arrived after a long drive from Pennsylvania.  It was hot and we were all bit flustered.  Our hotel on the American Side was not great.  It was small and nothing like the photos on the net. However,  after I’d had a dummy spit and we were settled we got on with enjoying our trip.  Niagra falls itself is on the Canadian Border.  The river is immense.  It just gurgles and flows away day after day after day.    we were so glad to have this photo taken.  We got drenched by the falls.  We went right to the bottom and we were so cool and wet it was great.   The day was warm and sticky.  The atmosphere was fun and laughter.  We had a great time.  We were even provided with thongs to wear or flip flops as I heard someone call them.  Which made us all laugh uncontrollably that we had these things on our feet

Thongs Niagra
Niagra Falls View

  we all walked around proudly with them on and secretly giggled at each other the whole day.  We travelled on a boat and went right up to the base of the falls  –  the noise was incredible  

the boat that we were on was called Maid of the Mist.  We had to wear these  silly blue ponchos to keep us dry – there was so much water gushing about

Midst Boat

We stayed in Niagra for One day and a night.  We crossed the Canadian Border and went up to the most amazing restaurant that had the best view of Niagra Falls, and then we drove till midnight to Toronto to begin the rest of our journey into Canada.