Nuts .. to soak or not to soak

Fermented foods are the new super food.  Although traditionally we have been consuming them for generations.  Cheese, Yogurt, Kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi are all fermented foods.  Gut health and autoimmune disease has become the forefront for discussion if you are at all interested in the natural medicine world.  I am positive that if I had known about gut health 6 years ago – then I wouldn’t have developed Lymphoma.  I really can not express how strongly I feel about gut health.  It is linked to the immune system, brain health, mental health and the list just grows as more study is completed.

What role do fermented foods play? Prebiotics and probiotics are important for our gut health. Prebiotics feed the good bugs – the probtiotics. Fermented foods are high in enzymatic activity, fermented foods are alive,rich in probiotics.  Feeding our microbiome an Our microbiome are very important to our over all health. Our gut microbiome make vitamin K, important for blood clotting. The microbes in your gut break down fiber and starch.  Fermented foods feed our microbiome. Fermented foods are already broken down into tiny particles that make it easier for your microbiome to digest.  Fundamental to the continuing growth and renewal of the bodies we inhabit. You can’t expect your body to heal itself if its only getting half the goodness – or less – than it needs.  Your body will still repair but it will be compromised all the time – 100 percent – by what you put in your mouth.

You should enjoy fermented foods as a side to your meals.  Green leafy vegetables will also help to feed your microbiome. As it’s the good bacteria but also the good fiber that helps to feed the good bacteria and assist them to do their work.

  • assist indigestion
  • improve the immune system
  • give our bodies access to nutrients
  • alleviate constipation
  • assist with a healthier body weight

I enjoy eating my kimchi with dehydrated crackers or mixed in with my eggs for breakfast, I enjoy kimchi the most as I enjoy the spice.  I also make and enjoy sauerkraut – another excellent source of good bacteria.  Dill pickles is another favorite of mine.