People Watching…………

Ive taken day off today, im sitting at my local enjoying the morning and thinking about the world and what it brings. Aren’t we lucky individuals to have such a beautiful place to live – this is my local park its the view from my coffee shop.


This park has changed so much over the time that I’ve lived in this suburb. It used to be an unkempt grassy park with a few trees and now it is a place that is used for many different celebrations in my town. If you can see in the next photo, there is a war memorial so, each ANZAC day this park is crowded with people, families celebrating their young men and remembering the lives that were lost


People are passing through the park, scurrying on their way to work or appointments. heads down brisk steps are taken. I wonder what their mornings have been like, and what their day is full of. What important tasks do they have scheduled to complete another day?


This table has a carer looking after her disabled client. They are enjoying the sun on their skin and feeling the warmth in the morning air. They are smiling and communicating. The client is being spoon fed, enjoying her cake. How is life for her? What does she have to do on a daily basis to survive. Do we really know as individuals how hard life can be for disabled people, yet from their perspective hard is normal. Difficult is every day. How blessed are we to be healthy to have families that care for us and we in turn care for them. To be independant and able to decide what we do each and every day. I feel very blessed…….. do you?