Real Glorious Food!

What is real food.  Do you remember or know how your grand parents cooked?  Is it something you were taught? Not many of us were. Let me show you how to find real food, how to shop for nutrient dense food, and for food that taste great!

Staying away from the middle isle at the shops is one way to start.  I prefer to buy my fresh produce from the farmers market.  I choose to use my local butcher to purchase protein, and sometimes I remember to take my own containers there.  Conscious Butchers will allow you to bring your own containers.  I buy my meat in bulk and then separate it in the freezer for the two of us.  It wasn’t always like this. I used to just show up at the supermarket and buy the packaged meat.  The fresh meat from my local Butcher is great. Its fresher, I know where it has come from, and I also know the Butcher doesn’t mind me asking him lots of questions.  Finding out where your food comes from is the first lesson in Better Food 101.  Butchers will also give you great tips to show you how to prepare your food.  The Butchers Hook is my local Butcher and he does a fantastic job at keeping the population fed with excellent food.

I now source our vegetable from a co-op. Co-ops are just so good, it takes a lot of work by the organizer to ensure we all get our fresh veg each week. What a love for fresh produce these organisers must have.The next best choice is farmers markets. Locally we have a few good sources for fresh veg.  Kalamunda, Manning, Wandi and monthly at the Bedfordale Markets – if you can wait that long.

If you’d like to know more about buying and storing your food, then let me show you how easy and enjoyable it can be.  Hunter gatherer pantry clean out can be booked here