Riding my bike is possibly …..

……..the best thing I can do. I just love it. I know I whinge and I complain and I procrastinate about getting out there. However when I do? Its just sensational. I’ve joined on to a few new groups over the past few weeks. Well not really new, I’m doing the Vicki Delves Tri Course. Monday 5.30pm – 7pm and Wednesday 5.30 am to 7 am. Mostly because its a bunch of girls that get together, secondly because I get a great work out, and thirdly because Vicki is one of the crazy lovely people that you meet in your life. She pushes you to get the best out of you. Its just great. Last night we did Cardiac Hill in Kings Park, Perth. If your familiar with Kings Park, its the hill up to the DNA tower. I can remember, not so long ago, I used to climb that hill and I was sure my throat was bleeding and I could hardly breathe. It was so very hard. Such a mammoth effort and a great Triumph to be at the top. I’d say that was about 4 years ago. Totally exhausting. It was when I was new to riding. We used to just repeat the circuit – down Lovekin – up Cardiac. About 10 times if we could manage it in about an hour. Last night let me tell you – wooo – well firstly I climbed it in Big Cog – which, if your not a bikey kind of a person – is a big deal. For me its a big deal. I’m always mesmerised by people that just power up hills. It’s been something I haven’t quite been able to grasp. I was actually able to change gears too on the climb whilst out of my saddle. We were climbing up – 2 minutes hard gear – next 2 minutes next harder gear last 2 minutes, harder even still and so on until we had reached the top. It felt great. I really had a great sense of accomplishment. Whilst out of my saddle climbing up I used a part of my quads – I think – that I haven’t used before, almost a huge power surge. Like I felt my whole body weight descend through my quads and push down onto the pedals and it was amazing. A total adrenalin rush to feel my legs responding to what my mind was telling them to do. Never before has that happened. Which to those that know me might think I’m off with the fairies or something, but it was unreal. Then we climbed up Lovekin and I realised it was the 11th of the 11th and I was cycling up the Anzac Strip as I call it. All the fallen soldiers remembered on this part of the road, each with their own australian native tree lining the road to celebrate their life and our freedom. Such an awesome place for me. Ahhh! such a complete day.