Sore back and ageing!

You know this getting older thing is annoying me.  Im 51 yes im 51 and lately iI’ve been feeling like im 79 !!  My back has been so sore and I cant for the life of me figure out why.  I mean its even stopping me from getting dressed in the mornings properly – I have to sit on the bed to put any pants or shorts on.  How has that happened? Now that I’m officially a Nanna I want to be the kind of Nanna that has a spring in her step forever!  I want to be the fun Nanna.  Its been getting progressively worse and its starting to really be a pain in the neck or the back whichever way you look.  Ive even found it hard to ride my bike!!  Which is annoying the hell out of me to be honest.  I used to be fairly fast and I used to be one of the stronger riders in my ride group but just lately – i’m lagging behind i feel.  Its not a good look for me and it doesn’t sit comfortably within.  I keep thinking pedal more do more hills get stronger but it makes my back so sore its unbelievable.  Its frustrating.  I don’t want to take nurofen or anti inflams because i know what it does to gut health.  Gut health is a huge topic in my household, especially since i’ve just finished listening to  Its scary.  So inflammatories for me are not a choice.  I lay in bed this morning thinking what can I do? Is this how the rest of my life is going to pan out or can I make a difference.  I’ve been listening to other cyclists talking about stretching and tight ham strings etc.  It seems everyone has a stretching problem or a muscle soreness of some sort.  


Those that know me a little will know that I’ve been doing some study on health and food and disease.  Having had Lymphoma and trying to keep well from it this of course is a huge topic for me. Food and health – let thy food be thy medicine and medicine thy food. (Hippocrates)  is a phrase that passes in my mind most of the day.  Anyhow through this food coaching I came across primal move and Geez why did I ever forget it.  Im excited because this morning I found a fantastic U Tube video see it here and so I did a primal move work out.  It wasn’t easy.  They toe grabbing sitting butterfly thing took me a while and I’m in no way as nimble as they guy in the video – guess thats why he is doing the video and Im not.  Besides my wifi not working on my beautiful deck and having to revert to the lawn, fending off my licky dogs and ants!! Ants can get everywhere and bite!  Sound that decided not to work on the Ipad – geez,  I finally did the video.  The end result is a very fine feeling back, with much reduced pain and a happy camper in this body.   Hooray!!  Ill keep you updated and see if this makes a difference.  Have a go yourself it was truely fantastic.