Summer Storms

Dont you love summer storms? I do. I love the excitement in the air and I love the smells of the bush as it surrenders its dryness to the tapping tapping rain. Rain that drops in globules of water. Cool perfect water. Formed round and smooth and seamless. Its been warm here. A few of those very sticky hot unbearable days. When your clothes just stick and the back of your neck is never dry. The days when you can feel the world calling for water. With a hard stiff wind, stealing every molecule of water from where ever it can find it. Thats the kind of days we have had. Dry crumbled gum leaves gathering together in puddles. Dry puddles of leaves and broken sticks and dust. Summer Puddles. Blue summer skies slowly give way to thunder heads. I can see them building over the hills. Large fluffy tall clouds. Fat plump and clean. They rise and build all day. Wafting and growing. Intense clouds. The sun shines brightly on them and makes them even whiter. Makes them appear even fluffier. The sky slowly darkens and the sun begins to set, but there is no relief from the heat. The air is intense and close. Its warm and sticky still. The birds hide in their trees and flutter across the sky. Bugs and ants are on the move, crickets begin to chirp and move anxiously to dry ground. They can all smell or feel the water. My dogs begin to run and jump and the wind picks up. The air is electric with the energy of the promised storm. We are all anxious, happy, ready for a good rain storm. I was laying on my bed, hiding from the noise of my family, taking some time out. It was warm and quite, the thunder clap was immense. It was louder than loud. It was as loud as standing near a jet engine for 10 full seconds of power and blast. It was brighter than the sun. It was white bright. Bright white light. Loud and Light. I think my heart stopped and I felt the noise in my chest. I jumped up to go through my fence door to sit on the verandah and watch the rain begin to pelt pelt pop. Down on to my garden. I watched the leaves of my plants sip up the rain. Fatten their leaves and stems as they drank the water. The earth smelled good. It had that distinct storm rain smell. One that reminds you that the earth will rejuvenate and will grow and change. The smell that reminds you that mother nature is at work once again. Man I love a summer storm.