Talk about venting your SPLEEN! me and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

Hello Everyone – I wrote this 12 months ago and its taken me a while to decide to share it.  I’ve only decided to share because I know how it feels to be diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to be able to somehow help anyone that might be suffering and worrying just like I did.  I hope this helps someone understand………….cancer is not a death sentence it can be a new way of thinking of viewing your world…please read on 

Its been a busy year for me.  For my lot. Not one that we feel like repeating in a hurry.  After the huge exhilaration of our Eldest Daughters wedding and her wonderful new hubby joining our family, last year, who knew what was around the corner.  We’ve had puppies, sickness and we lost Bernies Mum on March 27th 2011. Tough for anyone to watch some one pass away in front of your eyes – lest it be one of your parents. 

It began with a back ache I think.  I put it down to leaning over and trying to talk to Shirley as she lay in her hospital bed.  I’d been for several massages and honestly this damn back pain wouldn’t go.  Maybe it was my bike seat – I thought.  What else could it be.  Wed 23rd March – mid morning – while I was laying on my bed chatting to a friend on my phone –  I found a lump in my abdomen.  Well it was a mass really sneaking out from under my ribs on the left hand side of my torso.  It was as big as my hand from wrist to tip.   “Hmm whats this I thought”.   When Bernie came home in the afternoon I said “What do you think this is?”  He said “Its a lump “ scratched his head “ it’ll probably go away leave it a few days”.  So we had to really.  In a time kind of a way.  Shirley passed away on Monday lunch time 27th.  Thursday 31st May, I went to see my GP.  “Dr Laki – Ive got a lump”.  “Let me see he said” He popped me up on his couch – “Might be your spleen – I don’t think so though – lets get it ultrasounded”.   “Ok “.  On the way home I rang my local hospital who couldn’t fit me in for 15 days so I phoned a centre in Subiaco who had a cancellation appointment for the following morning at 7.35. “Yes I’ll take it please”.  So I was booked in.