The gifts we bring …………….

I’m struggling with the title for this blog.  Perhaps by the end of typing I’ll have chosen one.  I’ve just started reading a book called The Journey. I ordered it a few months ago and finally it arrived on Monday. I opened the first page and I was reminded of a quote that I’d heard during the day.  “Thanks for coming here Lynda – your energy bounces off the walls and gets people going around here”  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  However, my mind seemed to sit with the quote and a feeling developed around it and I began to think – What is the perception that people have of each of us?   Most of us, forgive me if Im wrong think our lives are pretty hum drum and we are constantly looking for the buzz of excitement or a new story to tell.  We figure we are ordinary people doing ordinary things.  You know, you get up you get dressed you brush your teeth and then you head off and never once in your mind enters the thought of who will I be able to influence today.  What smile will I bring to the face of someone – perhaps a stranger – perhaps a family member – perhaps an old friend.  Does anyone else think these things ? It seems a bit piece meal perhaps to ponder on, but do you ever think what do I give to the world and what do I take?  Forgive me if I’m dottering on but it’s a message I’m trying to clearly get across and I haven’t got it straight in my own mind  yet.  Is it fair to say that people generally strive to be like someone or attain or do something that someone else has tried? They like to listen to ideas and gather experience.  Or are people generally just themselves getting on with their days.  You see you never really know who you will touch in your daily travels and what people will learn from the things you know and indeed you will learn from the things and life experiences some one else has had.  We all have our place, of influence, of wholeness.  What is your place? I figure that when people are snappy or cross or distanced perhaps they are trying to be like you.  Or they admire you as a person, and in their own frailty think that they cant achieve the same and feel dishevelled or left out or unimportant.  It seems its the simple things we do to bring joy to someones day.  A smile, a touch, a gesture, a laugh or a decent conversation.  We are all unique and its something that we take for granted.  Each and every one of us has a unique gift that needs to be shared to nurture your family, loved ones and friends.  Exciting times ahead trying to find that gift, or perhaps we never will know it, its just a part of who we are.