The Sole Connection

Paleo 4

When it’s all said and done – we love our food. A nice warm slow cook on a cold winters day is enough to put a smile on anyone’s little face. Especially if you have come home from work and the house is warm and you can smell the goodness permeate your nostrils. It fills you with good feelings, homeliness and family. Is that fair to say? Makes you want to curl up and enjoy the feeling of a nice full belly and a warm home. I know I’ve just got home and my house is warm, and I have my cup of dandelion tea – with cream of course – and a nice piece of almond cake. It’s just delicious. My heart feels happy, my head feels light and I know that my body is going to love what I’m putting into it. Good food and good feelings – it’s a win.

Do you ever connect with your food? Do you ever think about the goodness that you are putting into your body and how your body is going to use that goodness? Is it going to use it to sleep better, or think clearer, or maybe make some good hormones? Everything we eat is the building block to who we will become both inside and out – literally.

You are what you eat is the saying we all know too well. I can’t tell you how strongly I agree with this, but we are what we “feel” as well. We are, what the “energy” in us is doing, at any point in the day. How we react, how we think, and how we move.   Indeed,   how the day progresses and how productive we are is a direct result of what we eat and what we feel.

You know if you munch down a box of chicken and a bag of chips from a take away in a cardboard container with a greaseproof wrap on it – what message are you giving to your body. To your conscience? If you grab a roll on a rush and peel back the glad wrap and much it down while you sit in traffic – what’s the message you are giving to your sole and your mind? While you grab a can of cool drink or a flavoured milk that’s full of sugar. How is that building good karma inside of you? Are you saying – hold on body I’m too rushed to care for you right now so this will have to do.   Carry on as normal please.


If you can take the time to consider the food that you eat. If you can connect with the food that you eat, and begin to understand or take note of what you are exactly putting into your body, your body will respond in a very positive way. It is said we should drink what we eat and eat what we drink. This means chew slowly, move the food around in your mouth before you gulp it down in a rush. Not only does it make you stop in your hurried day, but it also gets the correct enzymes working to start the digestion process. If you take note of how you feel after you eat that chicken or those chips or that bread roll, you will begin to see you might not feel so crash hot. You might feel lethargic and your tummy might be grumbly and sore. Perhaps there is a better way of eating or a better way of choosing what you fuel your body with. Take time to eat your meals. Take time to think where the food that’s on your plate has come from. I’m not talking organic (though I’d love to) or chemical free or any of that, I’m talking about who made the food, and how it got to your plate and how the journey of that food might reflect how your body uses it. Was the food rushed and packaged and “sold” or was it created with love and warmth and nourishment?   Was it frozen for a few months before you got to eat it or does it have a shelf life of a couple of years?   Is it full of numbers and words you cant pronounce? Do you even look at the ingredient label and see what the manufacturers are putting in there ?

You might say oh but its too dear, its too expensive to buy better quality, or chemical free, or even organic.   I’ll write another blog to cover this soon as its whole other topic that’s too long to enter in to right here.  Its food for thought you might say. Let me know what you think in the comments please – I’d love to hear your points of view.

Always in love and warmth – Lynda