The USA Trip part one. The Wedding

Sealed with a kiss
Wedding ceremony
My boys wedding
The boys wedding
Monteray Vineyards PA
Miss Ash wedding
Wedding 4 E & L
Wedding 3
Wedding photo 2

We had the wedding in Pennsylvania in July.  On the 12th to be exact.  My Son Married Miss Ashley – who is now Mrs Ashley Rose –  and we have three girls now instead of 2.  Ashley brings to our family the parts of her country that mean the most to her.  Its cute – its great – we now know all about thanksgiving and what halloween means and how American people celebrate these days.  What I enjoy the most is her little colloquialisms  that come along with her from her home town and her family.  There is always something new to learn. I almost always feel like in on Holidays when she is around.  We stayed in Allentown.  In the “Allentown” Aka Billy Joel’s Allentown.  It borders Bethlehem where Ashley was from.  Firstly let me say I found it incomprehensible that we were staying in The Allentown.  A memory from my youth and a song that I’ve always somehow had around me. I could go on a tangent here about Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel and I loved hearing about them – but that’s another story.  The wedding. It was beautiful.  You can see from the photos above.

Us and the Kiddlies

It was a real sharing time for our family.  My Own for children, who by life have been a bit disjointed of late, renewed their “famliness” with each other.  They seemed to remember who they were and where they fitted in the family that we have created.  The Bernstar and I. Ben was Tim’s best man.  I was just so very proud of their brotherly way.  The seemed to rejoin where they left off.  They have a real sense of each other and I love that. It was something I knew they had but I thought they’d forgotten.  The speech that Ben gave at the wedding was just one of those heart brimming moments that you experience with your kids.  Filled with a natural way that Ben has.  He said such beautiful things from when Time and he were kids together.  It was just amazing.  The girls were the Bridesmaids and the Bernstar and I went to the wedding on our own – pretty much.  which was very weird because we are used to having one or all of ours with us.  So I felt a bit like a fish out of water, until we realised how friendly every one was.  Then it was ok, it was great, it was wonderful.  The wedding was in a barn.  It was a winery at Monterre in Pennsylvania,  and the day was hot.  It was hot from the minute we landed in JFK – great airport NOT by the way – until we flew off to San Fran where it was refreshingly – freezing.

The Rose Bunch and the Stendells of course!

The Rose Bunch and the Stendells of course!

Nothing like the phone call we got when we left the reception – thinking the Bride and Groom had already left to go to their hotel “Mum, can you come get us – we missed the bus!” So miss Ash in all her finery and her long beautiful gown, along with my handsome groom son, climbed into the back of the “hummer” we felt like we were driving and we drove them to their hotel. !  How funny can you imagine that was.  That was after we accidentally called 911 on a button in the car while we were trying to figure out how to turn off some dash lights.  It had us in peels of laughter.  Bernie had to announce to the operator that we had a “Call Fault” ahh the stories we had.  The laughter we felt.  The life we lived while we were altogether was truly something I will cherish for ever.  You just can’t make memories like it.  Part two and so one coming