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Low Sugar Smoothie Recipe

Swaps for healthier drinks too!

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Lynda is a wealth of information, she is passionate about health and nutrition. Lynda has helped me improve my health after years of drs not being able to do anything. I am loosing weight and feeling better than I have in years. Thank you Lynda.
Kay C
I’m so far 1/2 way through - I love the smoothie swap - thanks so much for reminding me I can have a smoothie - I forgot and just stopped having them! Then the alcohol/Pepsi swap - I don’t drink Pepsi or much alcohol - but thanks so much for a low carb idea if I’m out with friends!!! I’ll update more when I’ve read the rest of it - so far, it’s fantastic!
Nutritionist and Health Coach
Love the information and can't wait to start using it. It will really help me find better ways to choose my food.
Personal Trainer/Body Builder

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