Tour Down Under – Adelaide 2013

What a fantastic holiday is the tour down under.  The carnival atmosphere is remarkable.  It is something I will never forget.  Everyone is happy and jovial and mostly sore from riding up and down the Adelaide Hills.  Have you ever been to Adelaide? Visited Handorf and Stirling?  You will appreciate what I’m saying.  Those hills are tough.  With gradients of between 5 & 8% for 10 – 15 Kilometres.  Its tough to say the least. Grinding your way to the apex and you think your at the summit but then there is always more.    I don’t really think us Perthites can appreciate the hill climbs.  Think Canning Mills Road for a few kilometers more.  or Welshpool road hitting the 8% incline for a few more kilometers and then you will almost have the right picture in your mind.  Although the down hills are tremendous.  Running for 25 kilometers for one stretch, and the view is spectacular.  Winding roads perched on the edge of the hill, with a barrier to stop you flying over the edge, and then the vast drop off and the view of the Adelaide coast Line.  It is breath taking.  My arms and wrists actually got sore from breaking. It is not unusual to hit speeds of 70 kph on these decents and I know the Pro riders exceed this by another 20 kph with ease.  It is just mind blowing to watch these guys almost appear to sprint up a hill that I have just spent 25 minutes climbing up – in less than 15 minutes.  With no sign of stress on their faces.  I envy their fitness and I just want to borrow their legs to see what it feels like to have that strength behind you.  It must be amazing.


The Adelaide Coastal Plane is quite narrow compared to Perth.  From just about anywhere in the metropolitan area you are within 8 km of the hills.  Real Hills, not just bumps in the road.  I will say however, that the quality of the roads in Adelaide leaves a lot to be desired.  With pot holes almost thrown haphazardly over the road service that you have to dodge, and in most parts the road surface it self is compromised and rough.  You can feel your teeth chattering on each and every sprint.  After a few days of riding and a bit of saddle soreness – the bumps in the road are not your friend.

I’ll write a few more posts over the next few days to give you a run down of the rides, but for now Im off for dinner with my daughter, so stay tuned and watch this space!