What is your Legacy?

As some of you may know I’ve just spent 3 weeks chasing snow in Europe.  we did find some and it was just glorious.  We did also spend a fair bit of time chasing up the Christmas markets, which again were just beautiful. Bustling busy places, full of happy faced people. Celebrating the happy jolly season of Christmas.

During the weeks we were in Germany and Austria,  we were very lucky enough to tour around many of the oldest buildings I’ve ever seen.  Dating back to the 11th and 12th century. It was mind blowing that these buildings were still standing and often times used daily or weekly.  Majestic strong sturdy old cathedrals, with soaring ceilings and polished marble.  Beautiful wood and carved seats and arches.  Old rustic castles, sitting proudly on the top of the highest mountains.  With views across the wooded country side.  Absolutely astounding.  It was awe inspiring.  Why you might ask. I know you can get castled and “cathedralled” out by the end of such a tour.  When I entered these gracious, grand, old buildings I couldn’t help but notice the workmanship and the beauty in the carvings.  They are truely remarkable.  Beautiful carvings from polished stone.  It took me some time to take in the story behind these carvings.  There for us to see, so many many centuries later.  I began to think about who made them and what their lives were like.  Where did they live? Where did the stone come from? and who might’ve made the tools for these craftsmen to use to create such beauty.  Did the craftsmen live in houses made of stone as well.  Did they have enough to eat.  Did the statues take a life time for them to make.  I wondered if they were paid for the work or if it was a labor of love or their legacy that they left behind for the world to appreciate.  I suppose they would’ve had no idea how long the statues would’ve been left standing.  I was amazed at the very workmanship and I began to think about what my legacy will be?  What will I leave to the world when my time is over.  What kinds of lessons will the future generations of my lineage learn from me.  Its a huge question and I’ve enjoyed thinking about this over the weekend.  Whats your legacy going to be do you think?