What washes up on your beach……….


I’m in Surfers Paradise, I haven’t been here before so I wasn’t sure what I was coming to.  The culture in this coastal town,  is commanded by the beach.  Everything is surf shops and beach wear and bars.  Its a real tourist town, its laid back and happy.  Palm Trees, green everywhere, and well it is raining too. I’m here for 4 days on a health and nutrition seminar.  I’m not totally strung out on the presenter to be honest so,  i’ve taken a day off to go to the shops and its raining.  I can say I kind of like being at the beach when its raining, probably has something to do with me being sun phobic.  I love watching the water as it washes in and out. It has a real mind of its own. Its strong and wild. Unpredictable and churning and turning, renewing the beach for the next day.

The beach here is a strip of golden sand.  ALong the coast are large sky scrapers, hotels and such.  The beaches are manicured daily by the local work force, its really pleasant to walk on.  I’m out enjoying an early morning beach stroll before I head to my plane.


There are people everywhere – probably because of yesterdays rain.  even the sea gulls are out commanding the view.

Surfers is renowned for its surfing culture, its swimmers and its life savers.  These little huts house the life savers during the summer, keeping them away from the heat I guess, they are quite high up from the beach – giving the life savers optimal viewing.


They do even have the red and yellow flags set out incase anyone should swim in the early morning.  Kids are playing, but what I notice most is there is hardly any ocean “stuff” washing up.  I found a couple shells,  a few rocks, some  bubbles from creatures living beneath the sand,  as the tide recedes to and fro.  Except no other bits, like sticks, and bits of seaweed, and broken bits of shell.  You know? its really clean.  What washes up on your beach.  Is your beach clean or is it full of sea weed and “ocean” things?