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You can see the scans of this woman’s body. On the left she is 250 lb or 113 kilos and on the right she is 120 lbs or 54kgs.  The yellow in the photo is excess body fat.  Can you see the fat in her brain? Do you think it might affect how her brain works?  Can you see the fat accumulation on the extremities of her body, her arms, neck, underarms, and torso?  Do you think her legs might ache and her knees might hurt from the added weight?  Could there be skin irritation on her inner thighs?  This is not normal right?  How about the fat around her organs.  I wonder if she is receiving the right amount of nutrition from the food she eats.  Can her organs work properly to process the food? You can see the fat accumulates in and around her organs.  What about her heart?   Its working way more than it should to make sure this extra body fat is fed.  Putting extra pressure on her heart and her arteries that deliver the blood around her body. Let alone the tiny capillaries that feed the tissue of the fingers and toes   I can look at this MRI and wonder how this woman feels, how her self esteem is going, is she full of self criticism and self doubt?   I see before me a woman that is possibly tired, emotional, ravaged by guilt, by insecurities.  It saddens because this extra body fat is not her fault.  She is NOT to blame for this extra burden she is carrying.  In my opinion this gorgeous lady hasn’t been shown what she needs to do. She hasn’t understood the process and so the circle and yo you dieting continues.

Let me explain why this isn’t her fault, that no one is to blame, except for the food giants ……………..

Obesity is growing at an exponential rate in Australia.  The Bureau of Statistics results can be found here.  Key statistics will show that 67% of adults in Australia are obese or overweight. Thats 2 out of 3 people. Daunting isn’t it?  If you have a belly that you can grab, or jiggles when you brush your teeth –  then you are overweight. Possibly Obese.   Possibly obese.  So very important to get a hold of this and be honest with yourself.

In her book “Lights Out” author T S Wiley speaks about the “seasons” of food.  She describes, how we in the Western world, are always in Summer.  In Summer there is plenty of food to choose from. In fact there is too much food on the shelves.  We are practically swimming in glucose and negative nutrients.  In Hunter Gatherer days, the community often went for days without food, and they survived and as far as we know thrived. Some of the Inuits in Northern Alaska still live like this today.  Their food is a high protein high fat diet. You can read about it here.  The Inuits had a substance way of life and their food was at their doorsteps.  Whatever they could catch to eat, was how they survived.  Sometimes lots of food and sometimes not so much.

We aren’t taught as a community what is good food. Where the good nutrients are. What our body needs to thrive. We aren’t taught that Type 2 Diabetes starts to develop 10 YEARS before it noticeably begins to play havoc on our bodies.  We aren’t taught that if we have elevated insulin levels we will find it difficult to loose weight. We don’t understand that type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be the way we live.  We aren’t taught that Insulin is the fat storage hormone and we are most likely swimming it in daily.  So… we beat ourselves up feeling like failures, or starving ourselves to be the perfect body shape.  Id like to encourage you to find the perfect health state for you and the body you inhabit.  To find what makes your body work for you in the very best way it can.  Its time. It really is time.

Nowadays we aren’t taught,  that its OK not to eat food.  Some religious groups have annual ceremonies in their calendar that encourage fasting.  They encourage their community to fast to help cleanse and heal their bodies. Dr  Jason Fung speaks about intermittent fasting, to help heal the drastic effects that high blood sugar levels have on our bodies. Sugar elevates blood sugar, and widens waist lines. Dr Fungs point of view, is one that describes over weight people as walking around with a  fridge or a pantry on their body. Perfect bodies for times of famine – but do we ever go without food?   From all the studying that I have completed over the years, it seems to me the only sensible way to address body fat, high blood sugar, type 2 diabetes and obesity is to limit the food that we take on board.    I have found that my body is amazing. It knows when to eat and when not to. It has taken me a year to listen and learn, and give my self permission to travel on this journey of self discovery.  Your body is the same.  Our bodies are made to heal, and it is the loss of that innate knowing, of that inner intuition that ceases us from listening and taking care of our bodies.  Going without food, is easy, its a gift, its a time of self love, if you have excess body weight, or high blood sugar levels.  Id like to share this journey with you.

There are a few ways to address this new way of thinking, and if you have 20 minutes of time that you can give to yourself, lets chat and see how we can work together, to help you understand whats best for your body every day.  Please send me an email to hello@  or find me on social media and send me a message and we can choose a window of opportunity to prepare yourself for the coming year.  Its time to learn about you…………..