What’s in the colour brown?

You know some times I am stuck for words and I’ve had one of those moments.   I decided to try and grow tulips this year.  The hubby and I took off for a weekend last year to see a grove of tulips in the middle of the wheat belt.  A “grove” ….  it was.


 Colourful and wonderful.  I couldn’t believe the vibrancy of these plants.  We just  had to order some bulbs.  It was last August.  A year ago. I’ve been pretty excited waiting for these little suckers to arrive.   The bulbs arrived in April, with the instructions to place them in the crisper of my fridge, for 6 weeks,  to get them ready for planting.  I know I went over 6 weeks and the darn things started to sprout in my crisper in the DARK!  Eager as hell to grow.  So we finally had the garden bed ready and fertilised and in went the bulbs.  They are pretty ordinary looking things.  Brown, Hairy, Dirty, Hard and rough.  Nothing like the beautiful flowers they all become.  Anyhow they grew.  Lo and behold I am a Tulip Grower!  Which is a wonder in itself.  So this morning I took some photos of them – see here


Ive also grown some Hyacinths – these little darlings came up super early – and there are about 60 more to bloom .. this is the beginning ……


I hope you can see the colour in these plants. Hope you can appreciate the brightness of them against the grey earth.  You see it got me thinking, how could these beautiful colours come from those pretty ordinary brown bulbs?  As I gazed at the flowers and felt their beauty and their intense colour,  I thought how beautiful everything was on the inside of these ordinary bulbs – waiting to be found and expressed.  Waiting for the right nourishment to become what they are supposed to be.  We are all the same.  Given the right love, the right nurturing, the correct freedom to express who we are and what we want to be or show the world.    It’s time to get your “bulb” growing ……………