Yes its that time again ……….

Yes its that time again, treatment time for me. Not my favourite but it has to be done. Having Non Hodgkins Lymphoma is a real drag. I know it could be worse but its the day when everything is going wrong today. So Im complaining. Trainee Nurse who coudn’t get the cannular in – so I have three holes in my arms that tomorrow will be nasty bruises. My meds weren’t here when I got here so I have to “wait” for them to come up from pharmacy. I mean I booked in here two weeks ago saw the haematologist yesterday – geeez do I still have to wait. Be patient I keep telling myself. No use getting up tight and angry. But I want to. I want to yell – hey get your act into gear. I mean I’m not even sick so imagine if I was a really sick patient and they have to tell themselves the same thing – stay patient – stay calm. Now the blood pressure machine has given up and isn’t working. Its reading 170/85 one minute and 110/71 the next. Now the machine that delivers the drug has gone through its cycle and is beeping madly and I’ve called the Nurse and no one comes in. Or they come in and say ‘Oh Ill just get your Nurse” off they go for ten minutes and no one comes. Its annoying. It makes me wonder where the funding goes for these hospitals. I’m by myself , Bernie is in Europe and I can’t complain really because I tell everyone not to come. I’ll be ok. I just really expect it all to be running smooth like it usually does. Only a few more hours and I’ll be home I guess and I should be happy

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